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Sept 2017 – “KEEPING FAITH...

"Where the bloody hell of you been?" Yeah sorry it has been a while. "A while, a while, do you know how long it's been?" Uhmmm no. "Have a look at your last blog it shows you a date." I can't count, and my calculator on my computer is broken. "Lier," Yep got me I am just [...]

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With all the causes in...

Well it is already May and I believe I have missed three months of blogs. "Sorry we didn't notice" Anyway what has happened, over the three months. "Sorry we didn't notice and now we don't care." We had a gig, that's right a gig. "Still don't care." We had it at the Railway Hotel [...]

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“January Blog: Sometimes rules are...

Hello Jan, Happy New Year. "You said Jan because you have no idea how to spell January, isn't that right?" And Happy New Year to you as well Right, I'm getting right too it. "Really, no dumb story or joke or anything." No, just straight into business. Writing blogs for fun is not a business ANYWAY. I [...]

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“Nothing will be Nothing if...

Happy November everyone "Well it would be happy if you were actually writing this in November and not December" "Yes thankyou for pointing this out, I am a couple of days late but there is a reason for this." "You mean excuse" "Please sit down in the back." HAPPY NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER Well we finally released [...]

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Orinoco October BLOG 2015: “Starting...

Well hello, and welcome to October. So last month I was saying that I had news, well guess what, there is some news. I know amazing right, blow me down with a brick and a thick piece of concrete. We are releasing the single REDLAND on the [...]

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Orinoco September BLOG 2015...

"So is everyone coming?" "Yeah, they are all coming" "The whole twelve are coming????" "Yeah all of us are coming, ahhhh, hang we are all coming, 'SEPT Tember, because she going to Canada to visit her parents." "OMG dude that is the worst dad joke ever." "Well it was fathers day in Australia so I [...]

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Orinoco August Blog 2015- “Hand...

Orinoco-August Blog: "Hand Me Time And I Will Hand You A Life" So another month has disappeared into the history books. Another month of senseless killings, assaults and whatever violence that has been shown on T.V. "Hey man, what the f*** you been smoking? Way too heavy topic for the website." "Oh [...]

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Orinoco July Blog 2015 “If...

Orinoco July Blog 2015 "If You Want Blood From A Stone, Be Prepared To Bleed" July, fly, die, pie,cry, sigh, my, tie, etc etc. It is amazing how many words ryhme with July and so few songs are written about this month. "Etc etc, does not rhyme with July," "I thought [...]

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Orinoco June Blog2015 “Just...

ORINOCO-"JUST ANOTHER UNKNOWN BAND" JUNE 2015 "Hey June, don't make it bad" "It's Jude, f**wit" "I thought I told you to sit down at the back" "Security?" "Security!! They left hours ago, because you bored them to death." "Oh yeah I thick I did. Anyway, thanks for hanging around even if you are annoying, [...]

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Orinoco May Blog ...

Orinoco- "Just Another Unknown Band": May 2015 Well here we are in May and I refuse to get sucked into it. I won't say it even if it kills me. I will say Mayweather won his fight in May against Pacman. There was a boat called the Mayflower, a suburb [...]

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