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“January Blog: Sometimes rules are just put in place to protect the rulers.”

11-02-2016, Posted: Uncategorized
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Hello Jan, Happy New Year.

“You said Jan because you have no idea how to spell January, isn’t that right?”

And Happy New Year to you as well

Right, I’m getting right too it.

“Really, no dumb story or joke or anything.”

No, just straight into business.

Writing blogs for fun is not a business


I am going to discuss the song “Junkies Thief”. I presume you think this song is about someone hooked on drugs.

“Actually, I just presumed I don’t really care.”

Please sit down at the back.

Lets talk about the song “Junkies Thief”

“Do we really have too, can’t you take a sickie or something?”


Junkies Thief story is not about drugs, or junkies, it was just story about how I met a Director at a certain multinational company. I was shaking his hand and he was looking over my shoulder and I thought this guy just thinks he is better than me.

Well that was my initial reaction which was later backed up by my immediate boss who said the same thing. I just said, I class him as a “Junkies Thief, do you know what I mean”. Junkies Thief I meant that if the world see’s junkies as quite low, what if they Junkie contracted out the stealing work to someone else.

The second verse was when I saw a news footage of American soldiers doing some dodgy to their dead enemies. I am not condoning what they did, but the fact that the actual people in government had the right to criticise what they were doing was laughable. The government put these soldiers in place to fight a war. If anyone who hasn’t been to war really has no comprehension what it is like to be put into that situation, so how could they predict how a another human should react in those situations, so they have no right on condeming the soldiers. It also seems that these soldiers have these rules on how to engage the enemy, and lets see how this works.

“You can’t shoot him,”

“Why not, he has gun pointed at me?”

“He hasn’t shot at you yet.”

“Uhmm he just me shot in the leg”

“Nope, you can’t shoot yet, he hasn’t killed you yet”

“So I can’t shoot until he kills me, which means it is too late.”

“Yep pretty much.”

“Nice One”

Stay Safe.