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Orinoco June Blog2015 “Just because you are in charge doesn’t make you important.”

19-06-2015, Posted: Uncategorized
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“Hey June, don’t make it bad”

“It’s Jude, f**wit”

“I thought I told you to sit down at the back”


“Security!! They left hours ago, because you bored them to death.”

“Oh yeah I thick I did. Anyway, thanks for hanging around even if you are annoying, but please sit down.”

Welcome to June, the middle child month of the year. The month with more hangups then any other. Testament to this middle month is Daisy Ducks nieces. As we all know April, May have become the fashion industries “Mega Moguls”.

Whereas poor June is doing time in a rehab centre after charges were laid for extortion on her rich Uncle Scrooge. Her excuse was that she didn’t only have to put up with be the youngest of the triplets but she was also named after the middle month. So through therapy she is now learning that there is nothing wrong with the being youngest middle child.

Anyway speaking of rehab I think I might discuss the song “Crooked Obession” which will defiantly test my memory so here we go.

This song was band written by all four members on a rehearsal night, and no it wasn’t at the “burning palace” rehearsal room, this was done in the rooms which I can’t belive I forgot the name. Andy the owner had to shut it down after a good number years of business because of the end of lease.

If I do recall it was in Room 1 which was the biggest one out of the three. The song, like “Soul Breath”, was born during a break between the normal song set practice routine we had. I was in drop D because I think we were learning a song from another band for a a birthday party. The intitial riff was quickly joined in with bass, drums and second guitar and I do believe by the time we had left for the night it was pretty much done (I think).

In it’s infancy this song was a stripped back back punk song.

When it was recorded it still stayed as simple riffed punk song but, the layers of various guitar riffs formed and the drumming changed a touch. This was down to Jerry telling Beau would wear himself off the drum stool there are two main drum beats going through it which gives the song a better journey of sound.

Now what are the lyrics are trying to say? This one is easy peasy to explain. I was influenced by a sight of a guy in T.V wearing just a pair of dirty jeans. His body was full of sores and he was scratching the shit out of skin. He was a meth addict, and I thought straight away hmmm a crooked obesssion.

Of course this song can cover whatever you find as a vice. A girl a boy or gambling or maybe you just like watching Peppa Pig episodes even though it’s against your religion.

In regards to other lyrics the only line I will point out is “A misplaced piece on a jigsaw puzzle game.”

The line came from from mate “SKI” the Hip Hop vocalist who rides his bike to work because he was too lazy to get a drivers licence. Even though he will say he is Environmental Warrior.

Trust me the only thing he is out of those two words actually starts with a “M”.

If he was looking at you and you said

“What are you looking at?”

His response would be

“A jigsaw with a nose on it”,

So I took it as I am looking at a puzzle, and if I go one step further.

What if the puzzle is missing a piece because of an obession.

My answer is.

Well you are probably be pretty much “f…..”

Stay Safe