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“Nothing will be Nothing if you do Nothing.”

11-12-2015, Posted: Uncategorized
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Happy November everyone

“Well it would be happy if you were actually writing this in November and not December”

“Yes thankyou for pointing this out, I am a couple of days late but there is a reason for this.”

“You mean excuse”

“Please sit down in the back.”


Well we finally released a single to the world, “Redland”. And I have had two interviews in November and one in December.

My first interview was with Sandy and Will, from 89.7FM WESTERN OZ segment 6pm – 8pm. Please see link for their Facebook

Now this was the first time I had ever been interviewed and so it was a little bit daunting, (Beau was away) so he couldn’t come. However Sandy and Will were very accomodating and played really good music.

“Bahahaha just because they played three of your songs doesn’t mean it was great music.”

“I was talking about Black Sabbath at the end of the show which I know is not Western Australian but it was good to hear it.”

The only nervous thing about talking is what automatically comes out of ones mouth, and trust me, I don’t trust my mouth. I thought the easy part was doing two live acoustic songs. Which went okay.

“Don’t lie, tell the truth.”

“Okay the first song Mexico was a bit dodgy because of a certain tuning that wasn’t correct however the new song “Marking Pen” went okay considering it was very new. I picked Mexico because it was easy and it ended up sooooo bad. Anyway we put that away as experince (yet again).

The other interview was with Murray in his segment “Not the Planet of Sound” from HARVEY COMMUNITY RADIO 96.5FM. This was another learning curve with Murray pre-recording the interview. He would ask me a question and let me answer it. The drama for me was that I was speaking on the phone and it is very difficult to stop from rambling, so I apologise to any listeners if I sounded like I was rambling. So a massive thankyou to Murray with going through with the interview even though we are now based in Perth and not a regional band.

We also need to thank

Inner FM (Melbourne), 4ZZZZ FM (Brisbane), Heritage FM (WA), SYN FM (Melbourne), who also played Redland. There are a billion songs out there in the world and only 24 hours to play, so we appreciate the fact that someone has taken the time to play one or more of our songs.

Also a big thankyou to Mo and all the guys at the A&R Department. These guys guided us all the way through our first release.

Hopefully I will have some good news in January regarding a live show.

Stay Safe.