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Orinoco July Blog 2015 “If You Want Blood From A Stone, Be Prepared To Bleed”

11-08-2015, Posted: Uncategorized
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Orinoco July Blog 2015 “If You Want Blood From A Stone, Be Prepared To Bleed”

July, fly, die, pie,cry, sigh, my, tie, etc etc. It is amazing how many words ryhme with July and so few songs are written about this month.

“Etc etc, does not rhyme with July,”

“I thought you left?”

“I did but that was just to buy a pie and coke”

“Well welcome back I suppose.”

So in the month of July which song shall I choose? I think I might do the shortest song on the album.

“You’re not allowed to say short because it is heightest.”

“Yes I am. There was a law passed by the shire of Middle Earth and the planet Endor and it states if you are a guy and you under 5′ 6″ you are permitted to use this word.”

As I was saying I am going to discuss the shortest song on the album which is named “A Little Way.”

“You can’t say Litt…”

“Am so.”

A Little Way is one of the first songs I wrote. It was around the time Out to Play and Mr Ginger Bread Man was written which I think was about 12 years ago.

The chord structure formed very easily and when you listen you will understand. I think the song has just the four chords (I think). As I said once before details are not my strength.

The most clear memory was the bass line which I wrote for Tim Hammond who was the first bass man off the rank, and he was still learning the trade so it was easier to give him the notes.

Incidentally Tim is now vice president of the Labor Party WA branch (I apologise if this is wrong) but you know details, details. He is slowly reaching his goal to become an elected politician. I don’t quite understand the love of politics but I know Tim doesn’t quite understand my love for Thrash Metal.

I can’t remember how the lyrics came about but I believe I was pissed off with someone. I just know I put anger to paper.

Sometimes lyrics is not a story but just a remedy.

As John Lennon once said, “They are just words”, and because the love of one of the greatest song writers Tim and I have an understanding.

Stay Safe