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Orinoco October BLOG 2015: “Starting with nothing is still a start.”

20-10-2015, Posted: Uncategorized
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Well hello, and welcome to October.

So last month I was saying that I had news, well guess what, there is some news.

I know amazing right, blow me down with a brick and a thick piece of concrete.

We are releasing the single REDLAND on the 13th November 2015.

You see when it comes to being “…. just being another unknown band.” You have two ways to move after finishing an album. You can say I am happy with the way it turned out, maybe send it to a couple of friends to listen and that is it. You just let life drift over doing the 9-5 thing (even though no one really works from 9-5 anymore) and you say well I did produce something in my life.


You try and lift the bar and see what happens. I went to a APRA talk and they spoke about getting a publiscist and I thought hmm maybe. So I sent out a few emails, actually bloody heaps of them. I was very unsucessful, until I got lucky and The A&R Department came back to me. They said I just had to wait for about 3 weeks until one the of the guys came back from holiday, so I sat on my heels and waited. After a while I thought they had lost interest so I contacted someone else. I was just about to press enter on a reply to this other company, my phone rang and it was A&R.

I have a feeling someone in universe intervened on that one.

Anyway after a quick chat, I sent off the album to them for the single selection. Now way back when we had our initial meeting with Jerry Freedman at his studio we gave him five songs. He has a formula to work out which song is better than the other. The top two was Soul Breath and Redland. A&R came back with Redland so Jerry’s formula must be pretty close except he had Soul Breath at No 1…

What is his formula do you ask?

“Don’t ask, don’t ask, it’s trap”

“Sit down in the back please, thanks for asking.”


He divides the height of all boy Smurfs by the number of notes in all of Mozarts compositions, times that by the amount of time “May the force be with you” is said throughout the world on the day the song was written. He puts the end figure in a small box. He picks up another small box with a list of the songs and whichever title is pulled out that is the best one.

Actually I have no idea what his formula is but I remember he said play the songs with a single guitar, and sing. So between he and A&R it looks like there is a common dominator.

The music was written over two weeks of rehearsals. I had a riff for one song and Troy Reany had a nice chord pattern going on which I think he called Jerk Chicken. Anyway we worked really hard on both songs and somehow only one survived which was Redland. When you actually hear it, the song is actually basic in regards to chords. However for some reason it was bloody hard work to finish it as we were stuck on what to do after the chorus.

The lyrics are about the time my dad, Beau and I drove up to a place called the Murchinson River which was near our small town of Mullewa, I suppose I was about 5 years old. We had a lot of rain in the area and the river was flooded so the locals decided to drive up to the crossing. To cut a long story short while our car was driving across the river I asked if I could see how high the water was. Dad thought I was going to wind down the window.

Hmmm nope not me, I opened the door flooding the car.

So now and again when my kids do something really stupid I catch myself halfway through telling them off. “You might have drawn with a black marker on a white wall but at least you keep the door closed when we go through a car wash.

So keep a look out for the song REDLAND, just in you forgot the song is REDLAND, did you hear me REDLAND? You did okay I was just checking 🙂 Below are the lyrics to the song.

We say we would.
And then we don’t
We say that it’s harder to tear from the way it was.

Our Redland, In quick sand.
It was once so easy. It was once so easy.

We looked upon the northern sky, a rainy day an excited eye.
A flooded path on the northern sky.

We drove from home
To where the river flowed
May I just take one look
And I opened the door

Our Redland, In quick sand.
It was once so easy. It was once so easy.

We looked upon the northern sky, a rainy day an excited eye.
A flooded path on the northern side.

I didn’t know it would be so high.

“Hey dude, how can you have a flooded sky?”

“Well my good friend at the back who never sits down, I made a mistake it was meant to be Northern side both times.”

Yes mother truckers that is right I did make the mistake but I left it in because well, I have no answer but why not.

Stay Safe