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17-09-2017, Posted: Uncategorized
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“Where the bloody hell of you been?”

Yeah sorry it has been a while.

“A while, a while, do you know how long it’s been?”

Uhmmm no.

“Have a look at your last blog it shows you a date.”

I can’t count, and my calculator on my computer is broken.


Yep got me I am just too lazy to check, anyway I see you are still here.

“Well I nearly left but, free rent is never something to sneeze at.”

Aren’t you just my imagination.

“As I said the rent is free and myyyyyyyyyy goddddddd the space is even better.”

Please sit down at the front.

Anyway it has been a while. When there isn’t much going on it is very hard to keep enthused about writing a blog but, just doing this means something is being created.

At the moment the animation “Crooked Obsession” is still being
created by the animators. The waiting game is testing, but all good things come to those that wait.

“Well I have been waiting and I ain’t seen nothing good.”

I thought I told you to sit down.

Lets talk music…Maybe say the song Out to Play. This is another piece written a looooong time ago. So long ago that Yoda was even too young to smoke behind the Jedi School shed.

“You have already used this analogy tied up as a bad joke in another post, either you have nothing left for jokes or you are sooooo lazy to think of something else.”

Okay the song is so old, Anakin’s mum was too young to smoke behind a slave in waiting school shed.

Out to Play is the first track off Violence vas Violence. I have no idea how I came up with the riff, but if you hear it you will understand it is not exactly a Mozart symphony.

“Do you hear that?”


“The sound of Wolfy laughing because you mentioned your song and the Mozart genius in the same breath.”

Welllllll the chords are simple and verse lyrics were based on a bear going on a journey, maybe a bit like a hobbit adventure.

“Do you hear that?”

Yeah I knnnow it is J.R.R Tolkien, laughing.

Lets talk about the chorus which was written after I hit the town with my sister in law and her friends. That was such a long time ago, cigarettes in Australia came in coloured packets and people still had landline phones in the house.

It is a simple chorus for simple days, or were they simple because we couldn’t remember the daily bring of work.

Stay Safe