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Orinoco September BLOG 2015 “If Agriculture feeds the world, why is being a bit agricultural not a good thing?

30-09-2015, Posted: Uncategorized
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“So is everyone coming?”

“Yeah, they are all coming”

“The whole twelve are coming????”

“Yeah all of us are coming, ahhhh, hang we are all coming, ‘SEPT Tember, because she going to Canada to visit her parents.”

“OMG dude that is the worst dad joke ever.”

“Well it was fathers day in Australia so I am allowed a dad joke in the September blog.”

“So what is your excuse for the other months?”

“Please see down at the back.”

So here we in the 9th month, which is the naughty month or because so many relations were born in this month. Actually January probably was the naughty one. Anyway the most important birthday in this month is my eldest daughter’s, Tayla.

So which song should I choose today? Hmmm I think I might talk about Perfectly Dangerous. A song not based on anything to do with my life but really just a short prose with music attached.

The story was just an idea that two children (twins) a boy and a girl grew up in a abusive household. However instead of a drunken father I thought of a mother who goes to church and is an upstanding citizen who is violent to her children.

The children somehow escape and grow up, but only to find that the brother has become a priest and his sister becomes a serial killer, and just before her execution her brother is listening to her confession.

“Bloody hell dude, that is a bit morbid”

“Yeah I suppose it is but it was good fun writing the lyrics.”

The chorus was actually pinched from one of the first songs I wrote for the band which was could Met a Girl. We stopped playing it but I like the chorus so I wrote it into the song.

The rhythm guitar music was reasonably easy to record and what was taken into the studio was pretty much what was recorded. The second guitar was mainly done by Beau with a just a third riff added by me.

Anyway next month I have some exciting news.

“Why won’t you tell us now if it is that exciting.”

“Uhmm good question, I will answer it next month.”

Stay Safe